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10 April 2009

what's the web look like?

Visualisation of the browser market over the last fourteen years. It turns out that Firefox didn't so much win market share from IE, but rather captured all of the new market share.

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4 April 2008


Brendan Eich gives an overview of early JavaScript history.

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22 January 2008

Browser Version Timeline

Eric has created a historical table for browser releases. It's always useful to see the gaps between releases in a graphic way.

BTW, the creation process wasn't exactly easy.

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19 March 2007

SXSW Wrap - Fifth Anniversary Special

Ian Lloyd's wrap-up. Offers an interesting historical comparison 2003-7.

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10 February 2007

Events in CSS and Web Design History

Eric asks for the most important and/or overlooked events in the history of CSS and web design. I thought about it for a while, but frankly I couldn't think of something that, to me, was much more important than all other events.

Fortunately most commenters aren't similarly inhibited. This promises to be a useful list for future historians.

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20 January 2007

The story of XMLHTTP

How XMLHTTP came to be. By the inventor.

Which is the real explanation of where the name XMLHTTP comes from- the thing is mostly about HTTP and doesn't have any specific tie to XML other than that was the easiest excuse for shipping it so I needed to cram XML into the name (plus- XML was the hot technology at the time and it seemed like some good marketing for the component).

Interesting read all in all, especially because it shows once again that this sort of stuff isn't planned: you create something for your own reasons, but suddenly it takes on a life of its own.

(Via Nate.)

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18 January 2007

It's the circle of (web) life!

Perfect little history lesson. Netscape -> Yahoo -> Google -> Mozilla, and the circle is complete.

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15 August 2006

The History of Flash

As it says. By the inventor.

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6 August 2006

Fifteen years of the web

Today 15 years ago the WWW was invented. This BBC timeline contains a few highlights.

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27 July 2006

10 Years of JavaScript

David Flanagan celebrates 10 years of JavaScript, and 5 editions of the Def Guide.

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13 July 2006

Looking back at Hotwired

Jeff Veen about the various redesigns of Hotwired, 1994-1999.

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7 July 2006

Measuring the Web

Some data on the 1995 Web as related by Tim Bray.

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9 May 2006

Economic and Technical Drivers of Technology Choice: Browsers

PDF! Interesting paper on the fluctuations of the browser market during the Browser Wars (1996-1999). The authors' conclusions about the present-day browser market are a bit over the top, but they treat the historical material solidly.

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10 November 2005

History's Worst Software Bugs

Always interesting.

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11 October 2005

Digital Web Magazine - Interview with Jeremy Keith

Over on Digital Web Jeremy explains once more what has gone wrong with the way JavaScript was used (DHTML!) and how we can clear up the situation.

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25 September 2005

A History of the GUI

As it says, from the fifties on. Includes many screenshots of obscure operating systems.

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A Computer Geek's History of the Internet

Internet chronicle, 1642-2005.

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16 September 2005

Hobbes' Internet Timeline v8.1

A chronicle of Internet history.

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Nick Moffitt's $7 History of Unix

Useful overview.

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15 July 2005

Remembering Netscape: The Birth of the Web

Interviews with the Netscape founders. Interesting bits of history.

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