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24 March 2009

WebKit Comparison on CSS3

Useful overview of where the various WebKit branches stand with regard to some advanced CSS tricks.

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17 June 2008

Announcing SquirrelFish

Interesting piece on the new Safari JavaScript engine (SquirrelFish), and why it's faster than the old one.

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22 November 2007

Ten New Things in WebKit 3

The Safari team unveils a few upcoming additions to their browser.

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1 November 2007

CSS Animation

Dave Hyatt announces the lastest addition to Safari's CSS: animations.

div {
  opacity: 1;
  -webkit-transition: opacity 1s linear;

div:hover {
  opacity: 0;

Now this sounds great, but I have to agree with Shaun Inman and Jonathan Snook that these new properties blur the line between presentation and behaviour even more.

Behaviour and presentation have to be separated somewhere; there has to be some sort of line dividing the two. The problem is that on the CSS side of things there are plenty of people who want to slowly push back the line, integrating more and more functionalities that once were JavaScript-only into CSS (content, for one).

Now animations. Where will it stop? Presentation is presentation, and behaviour is behaviour.

Besides, didn't we decide that we should attempt to follow the W3C standards? For sure, "following" has acquired the secondary meaning "implementing declarations W3C is considering but hasn't yet made up its mind about", but just about all new CSS additions actually have some sort of basis in some sort of spec. Animation hasn't.

All in all I wonder whether this is a good idea.

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8 September 2007

Safari and WebKit Version Information

Useful list of Safari versions tied to Mac OS releases.

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16 July 2007

CSS3 properties tests for webkit based browsers, including the iPhone

Lots of CSS enhancements in Safari 3. Unfortunately Saf 3 Windows crashes when you scroll past one of the appearance tests.

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6 July 2007

So, you want to develop iPhone apps?

John Allsopp's advice for developing sites for the iPhone.

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4 July 2007

Optimizing Web Applications and Content for iPhone

Apple's official pages.

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23 June 2007

Safari Beta 3.0.2 Available for Mac and Windows

A week ago I encountered some problems with Safari 3.0b Windows. The 3.0.2 version has solved most of these problems. My site looks normal on my desktop computer.

Kudos to the Safari team for their quick response.

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12 June 2007

WWDC 2007 Keynote News

John Gruber on Jobs' keynote.

It’s not widely publicized, but those integrated search bars in web browser toolbars are revenue generators. When you do a Google search from Safari’s toolbar, Google pays Apple a portion of the ad revenue from the resulting page. (Ever notice the “client=safari” string in the URL query?)

My somewhat-informed understanding is that Apple is currently generating about $2 million per month from Safari’s Google integration. That’s $25 million per year. If Safari for Windows is even moderately successful, it’s easy to see how that might grow to $100 million per year or more.

This was exactly the information I needed to understand the deeper whys of Safari Windows.

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4 February 2007

Dynamic SCRIPT elements and Safari 2.0

Scott Andrew points out bugs in Safari's handling of dynamic <script> elements.

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14 August 2006

Recent WebKit Features

What will be new in future releases of Safari?

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31 January 2006

Is this a Safari bug?

A Core bug in Safari.

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18 January 2006

Introducing the Web Inspector

Safari will also get a Web Inspector. Looks useful.

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2 November 2005

WebKit Fixes in Safari 2.0.2 / Mac OS X 10.4.3

A list of fixes.
'Made sure that event.target is always an element, not a text node.'

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25 September 2005

Safari HTML Reference

Includes proprietary extensions.

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19 September 2005

WebKit Fixes in Safari 2.0.1

Official fix list. Rather longer than I thought. The unload event is not mentioned, but fixed nonetheless.

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1 August 2005

.className vs. .style

A reaction from the Safari team to my benchmark test of the same name. Although my conclusion seems not to have been correct, the test case allowed the Safari programmers to solve a bug in their getElementsByTagName implementation.

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