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25 February 2008

State of the Secrets

Details on John's new book. One more to pick up.

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28 September 2007

Accelerated DOM Scripting

Jonathan Snook has written a JavaScript book: Accelerated DOM Scripting. I'll pick it up as soon as it's in the bookstore.

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4 July 2007

Simply JavaScript: Book of bliss for beginners

Cameron Adams gives us yet another JavaScript book (together with Kevin Yank).

Rather than assume any level of programming knowledge, we've stripped the subject back and made it accessible to just about anyone who's happened to waltz into HTML and web development. There's discussion of basic programming techniques before you even see a hint of code; then once the JavaScript does come in, it's best-practice from the get go. No concessions to "the old way"; the only way you learn is unobtrusive and object-oriented ... yet somehow it doesn't scare you when you read it.

Then maybe it's a good book to teach JavaScript from. My own book is, too, but not for total newbies.

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16 March 2007

My new book - Web Development solutions - is just around the corner

Chris Heilmann has yet again written a book. I lost count of the number, and of the amount of time he's spent on books; is this guy a glutton for punishment?

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15 January 2007

Announcing Bulletproof Ajax

Jeremy announces his new book: Bulletproof Ajax. In a general sense I knew it was coming, but now that I have the actual introduction and table of contents to admire, I'm sure that this book will help web developers to take the next step in mastering accessible Ajax.

Bulletproof Ajax is [...] aimed at front-end developers and designers: the kind of people who are already well-versed in web standards; CSS, (X)HTML, and maybe a dab of JavaScript. But it’s certainly not aimed at hardcore programmers.

Just to be clear: this book is not a cookbook of code. Yes, there is code in there to illustrate the concepts but it’s the concepts that are really important. The code is meant simply as a starting point. I go into far more detail on the design challenges and philosophical implications of Ajax. That’s why I think people will either love this book or hate it.

Right now I assume I'll love it.

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7 August 2006

JavaScript Def Guide, 5th edition

David Flanagan's undowithoutable Def Guide is now available in the 5th edition. Months ago I did some light tech editing on a few chapters, but quite frankly I can't remember much of it. Another book got in the way.

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3 July 2006

Designing With Web Standards, 2nd edition

...and the Father of Modern Web Design brings us gifts, too...

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Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design

And more booky goodness, this time by CSS/design superhero Andy Clarke.

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Free ebook Chapter “From DHTML to DOM scripting”

Chris has some preview goodness.

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Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance

Again a book to look forward to.

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