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27 November 2009

Opera Mini Blocked in China

Bound to happen.

On Friday November 20, 2009, Opera Software started directing users of the international version of the Opera Mini mobile browser in China to the Chinese version. [...] The difference between the Chinese and the international versions is that the former connects to compression servers within China while the latter connects to servers outside China.

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18 September 2009

Opera Mini 5 Tips and Tricks

Useful tips I'm going to need later on.

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13 August 2009

Speed Test – Opera Mini, Bolt, Skyfire and UCWEB

Another browser speed test, this time for the client/server browsers Opera Mini, Bolt, Skyfire and UCWEB. Opera Mini (barely) wins.

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24 March 2009

Opera Software's U.S. Push

What Opera tries to do in the US: working with carriers instead of device vendors. Might be a good strategy.

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24 February 2009

JavaScript support in Opera Mini 4

As it says. Useful info.

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