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2 May 2007

POSH Patterns

Jeremy discusses the same problem as the previous entry, and tries to narrow down the definition of a microformat.

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Bruce Lawson and James Craig are worried about microformats clashing with accepted practice in HTML; especially the hCalendar datetime.

This article seems to be part of a more general movement to clean up microformat land and define more precisely what they are and what they aren't. The underlying problem seems to be that some people who create microformats are not sufficiently versed in HTML.

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21 April 2007

The Importance of Being POSH

Tantek introduces POSH, Plain Old Semantic HTML, because he feels that it's being ignored in favour of microformats. Of course microformats are based on semantic HTML, so you have to understand the underpinnings first before venturing off into microformat-land.

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