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Gradients (and screenshots) update

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Just now I published the retests of the CSS Images and replaced content spec, which includes gradients. It was during these tests yesterday that I discovered Android screenshots aren’t always trustworthy, and meanwhile I’ve got enough information for an update.

Many people advised me to take a screenshot of the screenshot. I did, and it shows the original screenshot correctly instead of repeating the problem. So this avenue of research does not lead anywhere.

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Android gradient screenshot madness

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Another fine day at the QuirksMode test labs, where we test browsers so you don’t have to. Today’s topic is CSS gradients, and the subtle ways in which the various Android devices fuck them up. Also, the not-so-subtle ways in which Android devices fuck up screenshots of said gradients.

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Transition tests

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Today I published my tests of CSS transitions in the desktop and mobile browsers. I created the test cases ages ago, but interpreting the results turned out to be tricky.

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Linkbait 32

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From the last month or so, with a few older articles.

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The ninth Chromium: Xiaomi

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This week I finally gathered the courage to run the media query test suite I wrote over a year ago in the latest crop of mobile browsers. The results are moderately interesting, especially when it comes to Chromium-based browsers. I discovered a new one: Xiaomi Chromium. It’s the ninth I identified, and the first one I had to work really hard on in order to get a version number.

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25% of mobile Chrome users use Samsung Chrome

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For at least a year now I’ve held to the theory that the huge uptake in Chrome we’re seeing on the mobile web is mostly due to Samsung using its own version (based on Chromium 28) in its high-end smart devices from the Galaxy S4 on.

Yesterday Krijn started tweeting about mobile stats he had, and it turned out he was willing to share. He gave me data on about 100K mobile and tablet hits in Q2 on a project of his he’s worked on for ages five years. I took the data gratefully and created a table.

Conclusion: Of Chrome users, 25% uses Samsung Chrome — this amounts to about 5% of all mobile visits to the site. On the one hand this proves that Samsung Chrome is a Thing — on the other hand I had expected a much higher percentage. So my theory isn’t right, but Samsung Chrome is still important.

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dsgnday announces Peter Boersma

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On 11th of November we’ll organise the first dsgnday in Amsterdam; a one-day conference for graphic and UX designers working on the web. Today we announce the last speaker.

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