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4 December 2007

Further links on ECMAScript 4

Liorean gives a very useful overview of who said what in the increasingly impossible-to-follow ECMAScript 4 debate.

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1 May 2007

CSS Float Theory: Things You Should Know

Large linkdump of all kinds of float-related tutorials, examples, and articles.

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24 April 2007

Web History's History

Anil Dash has gathered some useful links about Google's new Web History thing. Personally I don't like it for beans and I will definitely NOT allow Google to store my surfing data. Too Big Brotherish for my tastes.

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19 January 2007

53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without

Useful linkdump of CSS techniques you're going to need one day.

(Via Naar Voren.)

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13 June 2006

Promoting the responsible use of JavaScript: writing, teaching and presenting

What the WaSP DOM Scripting Task Force has done this year.

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22 December 2005

Star HTML and Microsoft IE7

Molly gives a useful overview of the discussion caused by the IE team's decision to remove the * html hack from IE 7.

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24 November 2005

Javascript libraries roundup

A list of JavaScript libraries. Does anyone else feel we've got too many libraries and not enough developers?

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2 November 2005

Questioning Web 2.0

Small but high-quality linkdump on the nonsense called Web 2.0

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9 September 2005

AJAX Latency problems: myth or reality?

Jep Castelein gives a useful overview of latency problems in AJAX: how and when should you download data? Preload it? Load it only when the user requests it? Small chunks? Large chunks?

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14 July 2005

Web Developer's Handbook

Many links about many aspects of front end development. The only thing that's lacking is a serious JavaScript category; although DOM and AJAX are present the focus seems to be more on theory and toolboxes than on pure JavaScript development.

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8 July 2005

Accessibility Discussions: Article and Commentary Roundup

Molly gives a linkdump of the reactions on the foundation of the WaSP ATF. Includes most important accessibility articles of the last two weeks or so.

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6 July 2005

Sites & Blogs

Very complete list of all the blogs that matter in web development land.

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