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31 October 2009

Mobile 2.0 – Apps vs. Browser Based Web Services

Good discussion of the difference between app stores, mobile websites, and widgets, with widgets taking the middle position between the other two.

An argument against apps I hadn't thought of yet: reinstalling them on a new phone or after a hard reset is a pain. Same goes for widgets, but at least you could beam them over via Bluetooth from your old phone to a new one.

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30 October 2009

Mobile App Stores: The Next Two Years

Interesting analysis of the current app store hysteria and where it will lead to.

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13 October 2009

@font-face and performance

Steve Souders has studied @font-face, and comes to the conclusion it's a performance hog because IE waits for the font to be downloaded before showing the page, Safari hides the text until the font is downloaded, while Firefox initially shows the page in the default font and then abruptly changes the font when the download is done.

None of these solutions are optimal. The real problem is that they're the only solutions available, so even browser progress won't solve the fundamental issues.

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