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28 March 2009

Reflows & Repaints: CSS Performance making your JavaScript slow?

Nicole Sullivan about repaints and reflows and what the performance cost is. She adds a few interesting rules to optimise your CSS change performance.

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Internet Explorer 6 on Windows Mobile 6.5 sports IE8 features!

According to this article the upcoming IE Mobile 6 will sport some IE8 features; notably the new JavaScript engine (plus, one hopes, the IE8 DOM implementation).

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24 March 2009

Opera Software's U.S. Push

What Opera tries to do in the US: working with carriers instead of device vendors. Might be a good strategy.

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Palm's Secret Weapon for the Pre

Interesting article about the way Palm positions webOS with developers (and it seems they mean more than just web developers). Apparently developers will have to save Palm's bacon. And if the Pre is good enough, who knows?

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Editorial: time to change strategy for Microsoft mobility

Why MS's mobile strategy sucks.

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Callbacks vs Events

Dean Edwards explains a tricky bit of scripting: how to prevent an error in one event callback (say, a load or DOMContentReady event) from blocking another event callback.

Not only is this useful in and of itself, but it's also gratifying to see that Dean

  1. blogs once more
  2. has a new domain

So I expect all the stuff we discussed over beers and on mailing lists to be blogged forthwith. Starting now.

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WebKit Comparison on CSS3

Useful overview of where the various WebKit branches stand with regard to some advanced CSS tricks.

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19 March 2009

Overly Judgemental IE6 Splash Pages

This guy really has a way of voicing his contempt for IE6 users.

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18 March 2009

Nate Koechley: "Professional Frontend Engineering"

Nate's presentation on what our profession is and how we should go about it.

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17 March 2009

WaSP Interact

To connect the industry and educators. Includes a curriculum with long lists of good books and articles.

Excellent initiative!

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16 March 2009

Browser Capabilities Project

Gary Keith seems to maintain a quite extensive browser capability information site, based on the MS browscap.ini format (whatever that may be). Useful stuff.

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Bye Bye Browser

TWO YEAR OLD article about movements in the mobile browser market back then. Useful for historical comparisons; it's also the first serious treatment of the mobile browser market I found.

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13 March 2009


lang="nl" Nederland is een online magazine over (web)design, usability en front-end rijker. Er staan al enkele artikelen op; ik hoop dat het een mooie aanvulling op Naar Voren wordt.

Heren van HeeftStijl; succes!

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11 March 2009

Linkliste Mobile Web Development


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Performance Impact of CSS Selectors

Steve Souders investigates how CSS selectors affect browser performance. His tests tried several common selectors on a large, but not extremely large, HTML page.

Interestingly, IE7 is the fastest browser here, while IE8 and FF3.1b vie for the position of the slowest.

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Is IE8 the end of the line for Internet Explorer?

Once again rumours are flying; Will IE8 Be The Last IE? I'll believe it when I hear it from the horse's mouth.

This article suggests that MS is looking into using the WebKit engine, OR that the Gazelle browser may replace IE in the future.

Unfortunately the article misses the obvious: the Gazelle paper talks about architecture; and not about rendering engines. Therefore an as-yet hypothetical Gazelle might be combined with either Trident or WebKit. In other words, both rumours might be true simultaneously.

Or none of them could be true. We'll see. Let's get a good IE8 out on the market first, and then worry about its successor.

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