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30 November 2009

LEAK: The Google Phone "Is a Certainty"

According to this article Google will release a Google-branded phone. It's possible, I suppose, but one wonders why they didn't release one a year ago.

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13 August 2009

Browser speed comparison - N86, N97, iPhone 3G, T-Mobile G1 and more

A browser performance test on mobile. Surprisingly, the S60 WebKit (five versions tested) is faster than either iPhone or Android.

The only thing I'm missing here is a reference to S60's extremely aggressive caching. Still, I might use the methodology described here myself later on.

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12 April 2009

Beware of Android bearing gifts

Why Android may not work so well for mobile phone vendors.

Android has been designed exceptionally well for 3rd party developers; the programming paradigm of Intents and Java-SE environment make programming apps a breeze.

However, when designing Android, the Google team had PC developers in mind. And in the mobile industry, it’s not 3rd party developers who create phones. It’s OEMs and their partners (so-called 2nd party developers). And the needs & wants of 2nd party developers are very different to those of 3rd parties.

OEMs care not just about speed of app development, but the speed of variant management; i.e. how quickly can you take one Android phone and create a second one that looks very different in a fraction of the time. Android is poorly designed in going from n to n+1 variant. You need to be re-customising the Java code for each app separately, playing with XML templates and inheritance operators alone will not help.

There's lots of other interesting stuff here, too.

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24 March 2009

WebKit Comparison on CSS3

Useful overview of where the various WebKit branches stand with regard to some advanced CSS tricks.

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24 January 2009

WebKit == Mobile

Alex Russell feels Webkit is in the process of winning the browser wars on mobile. Although he has a point, I'm missing a mention of Opera.

Alex also calculates how much less Dojo you'd have to download in a Webkit-only universe. Although that's interesting, I'm wondering how much you'd save in a Gecko-only, or even an IE-only universe.

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25 September 2008

Android: Lacks Polish, But Shows Promise

The first Android review I know of.

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