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28 October 2007

Wir unterbrechen das laufende Programm ...

For once a German blog post: Einfach für Alle warns against the Firefox update, since it seems to contain a few CSS bugs. I haven't seen this warning anywhere in the English blogosphere, and all documentation is in German.

The problem seems to be that floats with negative margins aren't cleared properly, and aren't properly contained in their parent element, either. (Source)

Good to know.

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15 May 2007

Javascript Madness: Layout Engines

Useful table of Gecko versions used in the various Mozilla browsers.

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2 April 2007

JavaScript Updates in Firefox 3.0a3

John Resig explores them.

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19 October 2006

Mozilla 2

Brendan Eich on Mozilla 2 and what went before. Expected release date: 2008.

So the goals for Mozilla 2 are:

I don't quite get all this, except for the "simplicity" bit, and I like that bit quite a lot.

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28 July 2006

Firefox 1.5, XmlHttpRequest, req.responseXML and document.domain

responseXML is not available when you use document.domain to allow pages from several subdomains to communicate.

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5 February 2006

Memory leak progress

Memory leaks in Firefox 1.5

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30 September 2005

Mousewheel scrolling event in Mozilla

Stuart Langridge explains a Mozilla event that fires when you scroll with the mouse wheel. It's a bit silly to use a separate event when the scroll event is also there, but it's useful to know that you can actually detect the mouse wheel in Mozilla.

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The Ghost of NS4

Scott Andrew encounters the ghost of Netscape 4 and tries to squeeze it into Firefox.

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14 September 2005

When Printing Maims

Eric Meyer says Mozilla's print CSS compatibility sucks. From my own experiences I completely agree.
My Mozilla 1.75 WinXP crashes when I use Print Preview on http://alistapart.com/articles/pdf_accessibility

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11 September 2005

Firefox 1.5 developer highlights

Overview of what's new in the Firefox 1.5 beta

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27 August 2005

Firefox document.all caveat

Scott Andrew discovered that Firefox does support document.all, which it's supposed to ignore. So Firefox now executes supposedly IE-only code branches.
Annoying, but since we haven't needed document.all at all since IE 4 went down, it shouldn't be too big a problem for standards aware JavaScript sites.

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11 July 2005

developer.mozilla.org - alpha

Dedicated to providing solid information, documentation, and community for Mozilla and Firefox developers. Looks like an interesting initiative, and as far as I can see now the JavaScript and DOM pages might eventually take the place of the alas disappeared devedge JavaScript reference.

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