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28 July 2006

Firefox 1.5, XmlHttpRequest, req.responseXML and document.domain

responseXML is not available when you use document.domain to allow pages from several subdomains to communicate.

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27 July 2006

IE7 to be distributed via Automatic Updates!

Excellent news: IE 7 will be automatically installed via Windows Updates. That means that the time during which we still have to support IE 6 will be dramatically shortened (nonetheless it'll take at least a year before IE 6 has gone entirely; probably more like two years).

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Eric discusses John Dvorak's recent rant against CSS. Although he disagrees with every particular, he rightly points out that this reaction to CSS is common amongst newbies. Interesting point.

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10 Years of JavaScript

David Flanagan celebrates 10 years of JavaScript, and 5 editions of the Def Guide.

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Ambition No.3 (CSS-WG)

Andy Clarke enters the W3C CSS Working Group as Invited Expert on design. Excellent idea.

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Misplaced Anger: A Rebuttal to Zeldman’s Criticism of the W3C

Molly disagrees with Zeldman's critique of W3C.

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25 July 2006

Mouse wheel programming in JavaScript

On handling the mouse scroll wheel.

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Professionalism and Best Practice in Web Design and Development

A first stab at defining professional web designers/developers. To be continued (I hope).

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24 July 2006

Which New Browser Is Best: Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7, or Opera 9?

Interesting and detailed overview. The article is mainly about the interface differences between the three, and all are treated fairly.
What's most interesting is that 'browser X supports technology Y!' is no longer a factor in such comparisons. Obviously all browsers support the standards; it's in interface and ease of use that they compete.

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JavaScript event tests part 1: onmouseover

Gez Lemon studies the mouseover event in screen readers. Part 1 of a series; I can't wait for the next installment.

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I’ll Have a Redesign with My Liver Transplant, Please

Where does all this lost CSS end up? Inside web developers; and insurance companies profit from it. Read Molly's entry, then read comment 4 for the full story.

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20 July 2006

Lost any CSS lately?

Andy Clarke gathers horror stories about lost code in order to shore yp a brilliant recent article in PC Magazine.
See comment 8 for the story of my most devastating code loss.

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18 July 2006

Return of the POJO: Plain ‘Ole JavaScript

Yes, please! Let's just write JavaScript and forget about all those bloated frameworks.

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First London Web Standards Group Meeting

Andy Budd says web standards are no longer important, because they're ubiquitous. We can now concentrate on other stuff. An interesting opinion that's bound to raise some eyebrows.

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An angry fix

Zeldman gets annoyed at W3C.

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The Importance of Maintainable JavaScript

Useful tips and tricks from Chris Heilmann. Maybe not surprising for senior gurus, but definitely worth a read if you rank lower than that.

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17 July 2006

Breaking news: w3c specs are not Word of God

About definition-list-fundamentalism, float-exegesis, and other undesirable offshoots of the Web standards revolution.

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15 July 2006

Web design for the Sony PSP

A wealth of tips and tricks for creating web sites on Sony PSP. By James Edwards, who's rapidly turning into The Unusual Devices Guy.

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13 July 2006

Looking back at Hotwired

Jeff Veen about the various redesigns of Hotwired, 1994-1999.

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Web 2.0: It's ... like your brain on LSD!

The article's several months old, but still spot-on.
'There's much fretting about what Web 2.0 really is. It's twice as cosmic, but what is it?'

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11 July 2006

Learning JavaScript

Jeremy on learning JavaScript. Bottom line: if you want to use JavaScript, learn JavaScript. I completely agree.

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d.Construct 2006 Schedule

I'll be there (if I can get through the hectic registration).

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Bye, Bye <embed>

Interesting article on embedding Windows Media and QuickTime movies in your pages in a standards compliant way.

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7 July 2006

Measuring the Web

Some data on the 1995 Web as related by Tim Bray.

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Public Speaking Tips

Because I'm going to need them one of these days.

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3 July 2006

Designing With Web Standards, 2nd edition

...and the Father of Modern Web Design brings us gifts, too...

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Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design

And more booky goodness, this time by CSS/design superhero Andy Clarke.

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Free ebook Chapter “From DHTML to DOM scripting”

Chris has some preview goodness.

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Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance

Again a book to look forward to.

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Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO) v3.20

Again an updated version.

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