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29 July 2009

The Developer Evangelist Handbook

Chris Heilmann unveils an online book that explains how to be a developer evangelist. Tons of good advice here. Read it if you're eager to talk about the stuff you're doing and want to convince other developers to use it.

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6 November 2007

NaNoBloPo Q&A 4: The Web Biz

Derek Powazek gives advice to budding web developers. Just make websites! Don't worry about degrees; even work experience matters little.

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What would you want in an “advanced CSS” course?

Rachel Andrew asks what people expect from an advanced CSS course (or book). I'd like to know the same.

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1 August 2007

Who's A "Front End" Developer?

Spurred on by my Guild post the WSG seems to have taken a stab at defining a front-end programmer. The mail thread contains a few interesting thoughts.

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24 May 2007

Web Developer and Professional (Part 2 of 2)

Chris continues to discuss professionalism; not the coding side, but the "soft" side.

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6 May 2007

Interviewing UI Designers

Silly answers to serious CSS/JavaScript questions:

Me: How do I add a style sheet to my HTML document?

Him: Simple. You click on 'Insert' on the menu bar, and click on "Style sheet".

It would be very funny if it weren't so sad.

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2 May 2007

Web Developer and Professional

Chris on professionalism among web developers; not about the standards this time, but about how you should approach working in a company.

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11 April 2007

Lame excuses for not being a Web professional

Roger gets annoyed at people who offer silly excuses for not following web standards, and offers a veru useful overview of the excuses themselves. Now we have to write rebuttals of every excuse.

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8 March 2007

The Mark Of The n00b

Scott Andrew's ways of detecting newbies at work in JavaScript.

I've learnt one other trick for distinguishing newbies and pros: ask them the difference between this and self. Usually people who just claim to be excellent scripters don't know the answer, while real pros do.

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8 February 2007

The role of a web developer

One of the better descriptions of "web developer" I've read.

[...] e-commerce developers wrote web applications in Java. HTML was just beneath them, and it was a task well suited for the most junior member of the team.

This is one of the largest problems in building web sites with a strong server side component.

Web development isn't one skill, its an aggregation of many skills and knowledge - almost anything used in the context of the web counts as a web development skill.

True. I generally use a narrowed-down definition (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), but Isofarro names several related techniques that you're going to need one day—and are going to need a specialist for. This specialist is also a web developer, though with a different skillset.

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25 July 2006

Professionalism and Best Practice in Web Design and Development

A first stab at defining professional web designers/developers. To be continued (I hope).

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