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14 September 2009


Browserscope wraps up several automated browser tests (notably Steve Souders' UA Profiler) into one test suite.

It's evidently the next step in browser testing. Please do the tests and help out your fellow front-end engineers.

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12 February 2009

Selectors API Test Suite

querySelectorAll() extreme tests.

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19 January 2009

A Web Developer's Responsibility

John Resig explains how to submit a proper bug report. Always useful.

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15 October 2008

MAMA: Markup validation report

Opera has done something cool again: it has unveiled a search engine called MAMA.

Opera Mama. I must admit that the first association going through my head was one of overweight Italian sopranos singing arias while cooking pasta for their large brood of children, but that does not seem to be what the project is about.

The Opera Mama search engine doesn't search for content, but for structure. In other words, it answers questions like how many websites use headers at all, and of those, how many use them correctly?

Now that's pretty interesting by itself.

Even better is the excellent series of articles that describes what Opera Mama does, why it does exactly what it does, and not something else, and a literature list with previous attempts to study web site structures. This is what a good article series should look like. If we'd all follow Opera's example, writing about web development would become ever so slightly more scientific.

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2 October 2008

UA Profiler

Steve Souders has unveiled a new test suite for browser performance charcteristics. Please take all your browsers, especially obscure ones, and run the automatic tests in them. You'll help web developers around the world.

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9 September 2008

JavaScript Benchmark Quality

With a new browser war looming, and JavaScript being the main battleground, the quality of JavaScript benchmarks becomes more and more important. John Resig takes a look at the three most important ones.

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24 April 2008

Speed test: innerHTML versus DOM manipulation

Another DOM vs. innerHTML test. This series of tests suggests that DOM is faster in Safari and Opera, though innerHTML remains faster in Firefox and IE.

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14 April 2008

Dromaeo JavaScript Performance Testing

John Resig unveils a new JavaScript performance test. Very interesting.

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11 February 2008

The Performance Paradox

John talks about performance testing JavaScript libraries and how not to go about it.

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14 January 2008

The competition for you to come up with the best test for Acid3

Ian Hickson asks for our help in filling the last 16 questions of the Acid 3 (JS) test. If you have time on your hands and access to Firefox and Safari trunk builds, participate.

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20 October 2007

Evaluate Low Level JavaScript Performance Characteristics

Benchmark tests for run times of low-level JavaScript functionality in the four major browsers. Overall ranking:

  1. Opera
  2. Safari
  3. Firefox
  4. IE

The results of my own tests tend to swap Safari and Firefox, but they're different sorts of tests. In any case we're one step closer to understanding performance issues in the four major browsers.

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16 July 2007

CSS3 properties tests for webkit based browsers, including the iPhone

Lots of CSS enhancements in Safari 3. Unfortunately Saf 3 Windows crashes when you scroll past one of the appearance tests.

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1 July 2007

iPhone Javascript and spec benchmark

The first independent iPhone benchmark test, compared with a MacBook Pro. John Murch ran a few online benchmarks, among which my DOM vs. innerHTML one.

Unfortunately we still don't know if these figures can be compared with other browsers due to the Date object problems I posted about earlier.

Nonetheless the comparison between Safari 3 on MacBook Pro and iPhone is (should be) valid. Result: the iPhone is much, much slower (factor 100!). That's much more than I expected, frankly.

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23 January 2007

Improving accessibility for today’s AJAX - To hack or not?

A call for screen reader users willing to test the recently published virtual buffer update trick (see under 20 January).

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12 January 2007

Performance Research, Part 2: Browser Cache Usage - Exposed!

The Yahoo! team shares some of its data on optimizing web pages by using caching.

Eye opener:

~20% of all page views are done with an empty cache. To my knowledge, there’s no other research that shows this kind of information. And I don’t know about you, but these results came to us as a big surprise. It says that even if your assets are optimized for maximum caching, there are a significant number of users that will always have an empty cache. This goes back to the earlier point that reducing the number of HTTP requests has the biggest impact on reducing response time.

Interesting indeed.

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19 October 2006

DHTML JavaScript Benchmark (DOM and innerHTML)

A W3C DOM vs. innerHTML benchmark. Its conclusions match mine: innerHTML is much faster than "real" W3C DOM methods.

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12 September 2006

Beware of JavaScript Library Overkill

Ryan Campbell does some benchmark tests with Prototype's Enumerator, and finds it's significantly slower than a traditional, non-library approach.

If basic JavaScript will do the task, then use basic JavaScript.

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5 August 2006

Javascript speed tests

JavaScript benchmark tests. Result (Win only): Opera super-fast, IE OK, Firefox slightly less OK.

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26 June 2006

Mobile Phone Tests

If you happen to own a mobile phone with browsing capabilities, do these tests. They might lead to a mobile phones compatibility table - and everbody knows we desperately need one.

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11 June 2006

JavaScript loop test

Which JavaScript loop is fastest?

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9 May 2006

Build Half a Product: Is Ajax accessible? At all?

Surprisingly, Joe's conclusion is 'Everybody could do everything. It just wasn’t all that convenient.'

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4 May 2006

AJAX and Screenreaders: When Can it Work?

James Edwards discusses screen reader JavaScript support. Chaotic.

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23 December 2005

JSON Benchmarking: Beating a Dead Horse

Dave Johnson did some benchmarks for W3C DOM, JSON and XSLT as Ajax response formats. His conclusion is that XSLT is by far the fastest method. I hope he gets around putting his test pages online soon, so that people can verify this conclusion.

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5 November 2005

Semantics in the wild

John Allsopp presents his research of the use of class names and ids. He hoped for a kind of consensus on 'the best' values for these attributes, but didn't really find any.

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16 September 2005

OS Shootout: Mac OS X Tiger vs. Windows XP

A golden oldie, but I'd never mentioned it before. I always like to read about X vs. XP, the more since they're the two operating systems I own.

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1 August 2005

JavaScript Speed Test

Some tests for determining JavaScript execution speed. Please do the tests; the results are automatically added to the database.

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.className vs. .style

A reaction from the Safari team to my benchmark test of the same name. Although my conclusion seems not to have been correct, the test case allowed the Safari programmers to solve a bug in their getElementsByTagName implementation.

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pseudo-class, pseudo-element, pseudo-CSS

On IE problems with pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes.

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31 July 2005

Javascript Benchmarking - Part II

Dave (can't find his last name) continues his series of JavaScript benchmark tests, this time for finding the fastest method of changing the background colour of a table. The results are interesting, but I wish he'd publish his test pages.

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29 July 2005

Access Matters - JavaScript Quiz

Great test page on the working of events in screen readers. If you happen to have an assistive device available, or know someone who does, please do the test! We badly need to know how screen readers actually handle JavaScript.

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20 July 2005

Browser speed comparisons

As it says. Lots of browsers.

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19 July 2005

Faster DHTML in 12 Steps

MS tips for faster DOM Scripting in Explorer. Contains benchmark tests (I thought I was the only one who did that). The tests could use a bit longer loops (1000 iterations instead of the 100 currently used), but all in all the tips have an experimental basis and can serve as a first step towards real benchmarking.

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10 July 2005

Javascript Benchmarking - Part I

Benchmarking test for XSLT and JavaScript. Conclusion: Explorer Windows is far faster than Firefox. In Firefox JavaScript is much faster than XSLT.

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MIME Type Test Suite

A test suite by Gez Lemon that checks what browsers do right/wrong when you send XHTML pages as text/html or as application/xml+xhtml . Could use a formal compatibility table, but otherwise the tests are quite interesting.

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