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28 May 2006

Confidence Game

John Gruber's interesting take on the Microsoft vs. Apple rivalry.

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26 May 2006

JavaScript 2 and the Future of the Web

Brendan Eich's presentation on JavaScript 2.0, which I had the good fortune of attending in Amsterdam.

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To Hell with WCAG 2

Joe Clark explains why the upcoming WCAG 2.0 specification is wrong.

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25 May 2006

Making Ajax Work with Screen Readers

'We explain the fundamental issues; how to inform users of assistive technology that a change has taken place, and how they can interact with the content. To illustrate our findings, we summarise the behaviour of popular screen readers.'

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13 May 2006

JavaScript and Selectors

Liorean discusses and criticises the new W3C Selector API.

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9 May 2006

The Four-Day Week Challenge

An interesting idea: just work four days a week, and the amount of work you 'need' to do will diminish.
I'm all in favour, but not right now yet .

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Why Frameworks Suck (redux)

Again a frameworks article. Frameworks *can* suck, is the message.

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Flummoxed By Frameworks

Eric complains: 'I just don’t get all these new-fangled programming frameworks. Is something wrong with me?' No, there's something wrong with the frameworks. Several commenters note that the same problem exists in JavaScript. What goes around comes around. Maybe the latest batch of JS libraries have already passed their zenith.

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IE7 Standalone Launch Script

How to launch a standalone IE 7 so that your IE 6 install remains operational.

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Economic and Technical Drivers of Technology Choice: Browsers

PDF! Interesting paper on the fluctuations of the browser market during the Browser Wars (1996-1999). The authors' conclusions about the present-day browser market are a bit over the top, but they treat the historical material solidly.

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Build Half a Product: Is Ajax accessible? At all?

Surprisingly, Joe's conclusion is 'Everybody could do everything. It just wasn’t all that convenient.'

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8 May 2006

Open letter to the IE Team

Emil Stenström asks: What is Microsoft's official advice to web developers who need to test in both IE6 and IE7? Good question.

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4 May 2006

AJAX and Screenreaders: When Can it Work?

James Edwards discusses screen reader JavaScript support. Chaotic.

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