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13 April 2006

Awkard Looking JavaScript

Dustin Diaz explores some curious-looking Core constructs.

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Web Economy Bullshit Generator

Because you'll need it one of these days.

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A Guide to CSS Support in Email

As it says. Includes compatibility tables.

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12 April 2006

with Statement Considered Harmful

Agreed. Nobody uses it anyway, but it's useful to have one entry with all arguments against it.

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4 April 2006

Leaky Scripts

Dan wonders whether memory leaks are such a big deal. Sure, they occur, but does it really matter in a lightly scripted page? Interesting question.

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3 April 2006

Bunny Hunt

Addicting. High score: 204.

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2 April 2006

Faster DOM Queries (reply)

Dean Edwards responds to Alex. I agree with his criticism of the specific example, and right now Dean is the Supreme Honcho of Onload, so this entry is well worth reading.

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Fast DOM Queries in Today’s Browsers

Alex Russell proposes a non-valid hack. In general I agree with him, but I don't like his specific example.

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Build Your Own Web 2.0 Application Using Fluff and Hot Air

As it says. Useful tips, including the proprietary GR(tm) system.

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