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This is the monthly archive for March 2006.

31 March 2006

CSS Accessibility

A useful overview of most important accessible CSS techniques. Start here if you're new to the subject.

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16 March 2006

Levels of CSS knowledge

An attempt at categorizing CSS knowledge.

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15 March 2006

Live from Real-World AJAX New York

Jep Castelein made notes during the Real-World AJAX seminar, which featured quite a few interesting speakers.

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Comments on community

To allow comments or not to allow comments. Jeremy ponders the question. 'Comments should be disabled 90% of the time.'

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Designing for: The Web Standards Project

Andy Clarke about the WaSP redesign.

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WaSP redesign

WaSP redesigns.

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JS Generics

Erik Arvidsson's little library that ports the Mozilla Array and String extensions to other browsers. Useful.

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A (Re)-Introduction to JavaScript

Simon explains JavaScript concisely and with slides.

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Interview with Derek Featherstone

Very useful overview of the state of affairs in accessibility

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Results for JavaScript - Part 2: Navigating forms

Which screen readers support which events?

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