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This is the monthly archive for February 2006.

23 February 2006

Usability for Rich Internet Applications

'Regular folks who have been using the Internet for a number of years are comfortable with the existing page-based model and limited interactivity, as clumsy as it may appear to designers and developers.'

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22 February 2006

OOJS - overhyped and overcomplicating

Amen brother.

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20 February 2006

The DOM And Screen Readers

How to write an advanced form validation script that's usable in a screen reader. The trick is very simple.

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17 February 2006

Graded Browser Support

A methodology for deciding on browser support.

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The Real AJAX Upside

In which Tim Bray discusses the advantages of Ajax from a server side perspective.

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15 February 2006

Yahoo! User Interface Blog

Yahoo! goes community, too. It has released a user interface library and a design pattern library. Since I'm not terribly interested in JavaScript libraries, I'll spend most of my attention on the second one, which looks very promising and ties in with John Allsopp's ideas along the same line.

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Javascript libraries roundup

I'm not likely to use any of them, but this is nonetheless a useful list.

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13 February 2006

Alternate Ajax Techniques, Part 1

On generating new script tags and downloading new scripts.

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9 February 2006

css snippets from ie7 expert chat

Transcript of some questions and answers from a chat session about IE 7's CSS support.

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6 February 2006

Alternatives to innerHTML

A little DOM tutorial for innerHTML junkies. Interesting approach.

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5 February 2006

Memory leak progress

Memory leaks in Firefox 1.5

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4 February 2006

Epicycles: are complex css layouts the new nested tables?

I've often wondered the same.

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Charting IE7b2

Eric Meyer's sage advice for checking IE 7 CSS support.

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And All That (IE7) Malarkey

Andy Clarke's site seems to be the prime victim of IE7's lack of support for CSS hacks.

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CSS Hacks in IE7

Andy Budd wonders about the IE team's drive to get rid of CSS hacks. 'I think the IE dev team are catering to a group of developers who build their sites with IE, rather than the standards in mind.'
Could be, but we'll have to get rid of the hacks anyway.

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IE7b2, is it intentionally this bad?

Not entirely fair. The current beta focuses on CSS issues, and not on JavaScript issues. There are few JavaScript changes.

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What’s New for CSS in Beta 2 Preview?

As it says. By the IE team.

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2 February 2006

IE 7 - css-discuss

Where CSS-Discuss members are dumping their IE 7 information.

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Cascading Style Sheet Compatibility in Internet Explorer 7

Highlights important changes in IE's CSS support.

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