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31 January 2006

Is this a Safari bug?

A Core bug in Safari.

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30 January 2006

WCAG 2: The difference between a level and a priority

... or why WCAG 2.0 will be useless and incomprehensible.

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28 January 2006

DOM Abuse Part 1: Drag and drop

'Drag and drop on the web is rubbish.' Agreed, mostly.

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Tags Don't Work

Glad Dori dares to say it. Tags Won't Ever Work.

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27 January 2006

Dynamic scope

About some of the more curious aspects of JavaScript nested functions.

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26 January 2006

Developing Ajax Applications That Preserve Standard Browser Functionality

How to enable the Back button in Ajax applications.

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Preloading Data with Ajax and JSON

An interesting example of caching JSON requests. Just make the next request before the user actually commands it, and your application will appear to work smoother. Of course this is only possible in a linear situation.

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Sensible Forms: A Form Usability Checklist

2000 words of useful advice.

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25 January 2006


'We know what time it is'
These people really understand Web 2.0! The time is updated every single minute via XMLHTTP, and the site even features a list of previous times!

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23 January 2006

Escaping regular expression characters in JavaScript

Always useful.

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18 ways to be a good developer

'What you think users will do is more important than what users actually do.'

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What I Want From CSS3 - Part 2

I completely agree, but I recall there were pressing reasons why this could not be implemented.

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JavaScript Cursor Position

An updated cursor position script. It turns out that for IE's sake in Strict Mode you have to subtract clientLeft/Top.

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19 January 2006

Resolution dependent layout update

Despite the title this post is really about the problems the load event can have (takes too long), and problems in IE 5.0 and 5.5 when you directly include your JavaScript calls at the end of the body (document.body not yet available).

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18 January 2006

AJAX: reducing latency with a CDN

A proposed measurement for network latency of AJAX applications. Interesting read.

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Javascript Inheritance

On Java-style inheritance in JavaScript. Although personally I don't really see the point of adding inheritance to JavaScript, this article gives a nice overview and has a few interesting comments.

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JavaScript Coding Style

Dan Webb studies JavaScript coding styles and gives a list of his own preferences. Might be an interesting starting point for a discussion.

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Introducing the Web Inspector

Safari will also get a Web Inspector. Looks useful.

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Prototype And The This Keyword

Interesting. Since prototype is the single library on my to-study list, I'll keep this reference around.

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For the SELECT few...

On the changes to the select element in IE 7. The ancient bug will finally be solved.

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PatternQuiz Ia

John Allsopp continues to search for web patterns. He asks for types of sites. What type would this site be?

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More on the defer attribute

David Flanagan on the defer attribute of the script tag. Microsoft's implementation is acceptable due to a certain vagueness in the spec.

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17 January 2006

Web 3.0

By Zeldman. 'It soon appeared that Web 2.0 was not only bigger than the Apocalypse but also more profitable.'

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10 January 2006

CSS 3 selectors explained

Roger Johansson takes a look at new CSS 3 selectors, of which a few are already supported today.

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S5 1.2a1

Eric Meyer releases the next version of S5.

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Cheeky Tip: Default Function Arguments In JavaScript

A useful little trick, but be sure to read Stuart's caveat in comment 3.

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9 January 2006

Treating the HTTP Status code right

Some useful examples of using HTTP status code in AJAX calls.

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4 January 2006

Fixing the back button that AJAX broke

Ajax breaks the Back button. Some observations and possible solutions from Isolani.

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When are document elements available to scripts?

As it says. David Flanagan worries about the exact time DOM elements become available to scripts. Only onload? Or also when you include the script at the bottom of the page? Please leave a comment if you have anything useful to say.

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CSS3 Multi-Column Thriller

Andy Clarke discusses multi-column layouts and their typographical problems, and suggests a few extra useful column properties.

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