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13 June 2009

Europe to get Windows 7 sans browser

Microsoft will not include IE in the Windows 7 version for Europe, which will be released in October. Computer vendors may add a browser to the system on their own, though.

Still, there may be a few computers that will have no browser installed. I'm curious what will happen next. How will these people get their browsers?

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2 June 2009

EU Plans Fresh Strike on Microsoft

More news on the Opera vs. Microsoft EU fight: the EU might want to go for the "five" option, in which new Windows computers come with all five browsers installed. I doubt the wisdom of this move.

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25 February 2009

Browsers powered by user choice

Google has applied to become a 3rd party in the Opera vs. Microsoft browser bundling case before the EC.

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11 February 2009

Firefox Exec: Bundling? No Thanks

Now this is interesting. An overview article on Sitepoint mentions a top Firefox engineer bashing Opera's unbundling attempt, partly for the confusion it would cause to the end user; partly because he feels unbundling is no solution to the market share problem.

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