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7 April 2009

Findings from the A LIST APART Survey, 2008

As it says.

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2 February 2009

Survey of Preferences of Screen Readers Users

A survey of screen reader user. Very useful!

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State of the Web 2008

WebDirections now also runs a web developer survey, one that focuses more on the technical side. Excellent idea; the more we measure the more we know.

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29 July 2008

The Survey for People Who Make Websites

It's that time of year again: Mr. Z asks us what we, as web developers, do, want to do, feel, and earn. Please take the 2008 survey. (I already did.)

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17 October 2007

Findings From the Web Design Survey

At last! Interesting read. I don't entirely agree with all the extrapolations (for instance, "Hispanic" has no meaning in a European context), but that's quibbling about details. The main thing is that Zeldman cs. have done an astonishing job that very badly needed to be done.


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24 April 2007

The Web Design Survey 2007

ALA presents the web design survey, meant to increase understanding of the position of web developers, especially those who are not white and male. Please take the survey, I already did so.

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