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8 December 2009

The mobile data apocalypse, and what it means to you

Good piece about the mobile connection problem. It seems one smartphone generates as much data traffic as 40 feature phones. So if the sales of smartphones keep exploding, operators will run into network problems sooner or later.

This problem has a lot of aspects, and the writer treats many of them. Solid reading.

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Microsoft, EU Are Said to Modify Deal in Browser Case

The ballot screen on new Windows computer will give a randomized list of alternative browsers.

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3 December 2009

Sony Ericsson Makes Web Application Play

Some more information about SonyEricsson's PhoneGap implementation. Works on both Android and Symbian, it seems.

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Nokia's masterplan for 2010 and beyond

Nokia's plans translated from managerese. Symbian is going to get a completely new interface (good idea!) and is not going away. Linux-based Maemo is also here to stay.

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2 December 2009

Mobile Cross-Platform Development: Palm Pre

How to port a W3C Widget to the Palm Pre - or How Palm implemented its own stuff for nearly everything.

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1 December 2009

JIL Developer Website Beta

Despite the title this site is mostly about W3C Widgets and contains genuinely useful information. Pity it's all in PDFs, but such is life.

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