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31 January 2010

The Mobile App Store Landscape 5 years Ai (After the iPhone)

Thoughtful extended piece on the future of app stores. The only part I disagree with is the bit about the operators. The author thinks they're going to be losers, but they have a trump card up their sleeves: payments.

Payments through operator bills will always have better usability than any other form of payments, because the client doesn't have to do anything special. As long as the payment request is routed through the SIM card, identity and mode of payment are automatically validated without any need for passwords and stuff.

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18 January 2010

Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android - Marketplace Comparison

As it says, plus a comparison of developing applications for the three systems. Quite thorough, good read. And yes, the writer eventually picks one of the three as the winner.

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RIM patent app will have you barely browsing the web at incredible speeds

Seems RIM (the maker of BlackBerry) is working on a set-up that resembles Opera Mini a bit (but not quite). Devices will have a proxy server embedded that requests pages from a special server that compresses the (entire?) HTML page before sending it. The proxy seems to serve as a cache in addition to decompressing the page.

(Click on the image to go to the patent.)

As far as I can see there's some difference with Opera's system, although the basic idea is of course the same. Still, it seems that the browser eventually gets real HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images, and not one binary file such as Opera Mini receives.

But I'm not sure of the technical details. In any case, this will speed up BlackBerry browsing quite a bit. Add that to the upcoming WebKit-based BlackBerry browser, and we can conclude that RIM is doing a major overhaul of its browsing infrastructure. That was very necessary.

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NetFront Browser v4.0

The NetFront browser for mobile phones has a new version. As far as I'm concerned this should be a really major (and I mean really major) improvement over 3.5, or NetFront is out of the mobile browser race.

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8 January 2010

A Bloodbath for 2010: the Smartphone market preview

Extremely interesting forecast for the 2010 movements in the smartphone market. Summary:

  1. There is fundamentally nothing wrong with Nokia, although it won't grow in 2010.
  2. Everybody underestimates BlackBerry.
  3. Apple will do well if it holds on to its market share in a fast-expanding smartphone market.
  4. Keep an eye on HTC and LG.
  5. Samsung will go up, SonyEricsson down.
  6. Motorola is dead; it just hasn't stopped moving yet.
  7. Palm is irrelevant and may also be dead.
  8. Google has broken its word not to be a phone vendor. It remains to be seen how much backlash they'll get.
  9. Microsoft may go under, too, every new Windows Mobile version just takes too long.
  10. Everybody is obsessed with app stores, but in the end they won't determine market share.

Must-read if you're in the mobile space.

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6 January 2010

Google's biggest announcement was not a phone, but a URL

I didn't quite realise what a game-changer Google's unlocking could be. First pick your phone, then pick a carrier plan you like. Might change the way carriers work.

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5 January 2010

What’s Ahead for the Mobile Web in 2010?

Dennis Bournique looks ahead to the year, and concludes that the mobile and desktop web will converge, maybe even a bit faster than is safe. Also,

More Android, Symbian and Maemo, less iPhone

I'm not totally sure about Symbian, but on the whole I agree. The mobile space is more than just the iPhone, and 2010 is the year we're going to figure that out.

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Is there hope for Palm in the 2010 smartphone wars?

How Palm wasted the good vibes the Pre's initial announcement gave them. This blog wonders if they'll be bought by RIM (BlackBerry); it doesn't believe in the Microsoft option.

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