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23 September 2009

Classification of Mobile Browsers

Useful start. I'll probably have some minor notes to add, but it definitely gives a good overview of the current situation.

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22 September 2009

WebKit Page Cache II – The unload Event

Very interesting discussion of the problems the unload event poses for browser vendors. Introduction of the pageshow and pagehide events.

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20 September 2009

Fun with CSS

How to import style sheets based on a media query. This will be very useful later on.

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18 September 2009

Opera Mini 5 Tips and Tricks

Useful tips I'm going to need later on.

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17 September 2009

WebKit Page Cache I – The Basics

A discussion of Page Cache and its implementation in WebKit. Interesting read because it explains the headaches browser vendors have to deal with.

Personally I'd like to know more about iPhone Safari's handling (or rather, non-handling) of page cache or any kind of cache.

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16 September 2009

AT&T Dev Central

Well wel, AT&T gives decent information about the devices they sell. They even tell you which browser the device uses, and that's truly unique.

The only major flaw is that it does not have a search function. But otherwise it compares very well to other such lists I've seen.

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14 September 2009


Browserscope wraps up several automated browser tests (notably Steve Souders' UA Profiler) into one test suite.

It's evidently the next step in browser testing. Please do the tests and help out your fellow front-end engineers.

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11 September 2009

What language for your mobile app?

An overview of the mobile app market. If you want your app to be available on 60% of the mobile phones, you'll have to write six versions.

The solution to the problem is obvious: W3C Widgets.

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Touching and Gesturing on the iPhone

Useful overview of the (iPhone proprietary?) touch events.

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10 September 2009

Developing Widgets for Windows Mobile 6.5

The Microsoft documentation for building W3C Widgets. Differs slightly from the other systems, but that's to be expected with a spec that's not quite finished yet. Contains a few interesting ideas.

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9 September 2009

Detecting HTML 5 Features

Mark Pilgrim discusses the detection of some important HTML5 features.

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