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24 January 2009

Elevate Web Design at the University Level and Brighter Horizons for Web Education

ALA publishes two articles on web development education. Interesting reads, and it seems people all over the world are starting up initiatives to solve part of our educational problem.

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WebKit == Mobile

Alex Russell feels Webkit is in the process of winning the browser wars on mobile. Although he has a point, I'm missing a mention of Opera.

Alex also calculates how much less Dojo you'd have to download in a Webkit-only universe. Although that's interesting, I'm wondering how much you'd save in a Gecko-only, or even an IE-only universe.

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19 January 2009

PhoneGap, Palm Pre, and the State of Mobile Apps

Useful overview of the possibilities for creating web applications on various mobile phones.

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A Web Developer's Responsibility

John Resig explains how to submit a proper bug report. Always useful.

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UK government browser guidelines: good sense prevails

Well, the UK browser testing guidelines have been sanitised; the list of browsers-to-be-tested is now correct. Thanks, Bruce, for keeping the pressure on.

Now let’s see if we can incorporate these guidelines in the Dutch Web Guidelines.

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User Agents in the morning

Steve Souders about his user agent string collection. I’m SO glad somebody else is doing this so I won’t have to.

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WaSP Community CSS3 Feedback 2008

Excellent overview of CSS3 feedback given by web developers. Kudos to fantasai for doing this much work.

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5 January 2009

Google tells users to drop IE6

Google asks its IE6 users to download Firefox or Chrome instead. Interesting development; this could really help.

(Via Dave Shea.)

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