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2 April 2007

South by Southwest Interactive 2007, March 9-13

Chris Mills' write-up.

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19 March 2007

SXSW Wrap - Fifth Anniversary Special

Ian Lloyd's wrap-up. Offers an interesting historical comparison 2003-7.

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SxSW 2007 wrap up

Richard Rutter's wrap-up. He turns out to be responsible for the music at the Great British Booze-up, which, as I said, was the least loud party I visited.

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Quick and dirty report on SXSWi07

Veerle's wrap-up. She, too, complains about the LOUD MUSIC.

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18 March 2007

Speaking at South by Southwest

Jeremy's wrap-up.

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Let’s Have a Panel on What We Didn’t Like About SXSW 2007

John Gruber's wrap-up. About the importance of evening and other social events.

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16 March 2007

That Austin thing in 07

Dustin Diaz's wrap-up. He and Cameron pissed Jeremy off by this one slide they showed, and that's a fight that's still going on. I'm wondering if Cameron Diaz haven't bitten off more than they can chew.

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AJAX and Flash SXSW Talk

Jonathan Boutelle's slides. I found his presentation one of the more interesting ones I attended, because he drew my attention to yet another Big Divide that's plaguing us: the one between Ajax and Flash developers. Glad I talked to him; interesting conversations (even though the later one tended to be a bit on the drunken side).

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SXSW'07: After the Storm

Jonathan Snook's wrap-up. Glad I finally met him and even talked to him for more than 30 seconds.

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South Bye Bye South West

Malarkey's wrap-up. It's a pity I missed his presentation, but mine started when his stopped. On Monday we were nervous together at the smoking balcony, and it was good to see that even experienced presenters have this problem.

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Another year, another Southby

Andy Budd's wrap-up. About the Great British Booze-up:

Unlike most events where you had to scream to be heard, people could actually talk to each other, promoting a very social event.

I completely agree; in fact I made this point to someone, but I'm not sure if it was Andy.

General message to all conference organisers (Patrick!): make sure people can actually hear each other at the parties. I'm not going there for the music, but for the talks. Besides, I have this slight hearing impairment that precludes me from hearing what other people say in a very loud environment, so this is especially important for me.

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