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29 August 2006

IE + JavaScript Performance Recommendations - Part 1

The IE team gives JavaScript performance tricks. Some are old hat for advanced scripters, but others are new (at least, to me). Interesting read overall.

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25 August 2006

When plug-ins bite web standards (and vice versa)

About object and embed tags, and serving plug-ins in a standard compatible way.

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New Headaches?

Dave Shea gathers IE 7 CSS regressions (stuff that works in IE 6 but not in IE 7).

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Calling all Assistive Technology vendors

'WaSP issues an open invitation to work with Assistive Technology vendors to help ensure greater support for standards-based web development techniques in software that enables access for millions of people worldwide.'

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The “add a class name” JavaScript widget philosophy

Is relying on class names to trigger advanced scripts wrong? Dustin Diaz seems to think so, but I don't think I agree.

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Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate Now Available

The first release candidate.

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23 August 2006

Details on our CSS changes for IE7

As it says. What has been fixed?

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UJS for Rails has arrived

Dan Webb and Luke Redpath unveil their unobtrusive JavaScript plugin for Rails. It's a necessary one, since Rails' native JS implementation is ugly and uses inline event handlers for about everything.

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More W3C Controversy

David Baron on the W3C controversy. Very interesting explanation of how W3C works and how it should work.
'It's time for the Web browser community to stop using up its resources attacking specifications that we're not interested in implementing.'

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15 August 2006

The History of Flash

As it says. By the inventor.

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14 August 2006

Angry, Not: Zeldman, Meyer, and Fair Concerns About the W3C

... and Molly reacts to Eric's article.

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JSON All The Way

Drew McLellan feels JSON is superior to XML. I'm not sure I agree, but it's useful to have a few major arguments concentrated in one entry.

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IE and CSS "Compliance"

Chris Wilson gets tired of IE bashing, that continues even now that IE 7 turns out to be a giant step forward. True, IE is still behind the other browsers in some areas, but saying that it's moved forward only '2 %' is just plain nonsense.
'I'd love to have a honest, straightforward, unbiased statement of exactly where we (and other browsers) are – despite the fact that I know we would be behind today.'

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Dynamic 3D with CSS and the DOM

James Edwards creates a Wolfenstein-like labyrinth with CSS borders and some JavaScript. Quite extraordinary; even though it won't find a practical application any time soon.

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Recent WebKit Features

What will be new in future releases of Safari?

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Angry Indeed

Eric takes Jeffrey's side in the W3C controversy. Does W3C still serve the practical needs of web developers? Jeffrey (and now Eric) say No, while Molly, on behalf of WaSP, says Yes-ish.

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9 August 2006

Base elements cause text selection problems in IE

When a <base> element is used in a document containing text in floated elements, a IE bug that causes text to become more or less impossible to select is triggered.

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8 August 2006

Swift browser - Safari for Windows

This project ports the WebKit code engine that powers Safari to Windows. It's still in early alpha; among others frames, my XMLHttp function, and document.lastModified don't yet work.
I'll get back to this browser when a beta is available; right now testing it doesn't make much sense.

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7 August 2006

Sticking with Opera 9

Simon reviews Opera 9 for Mac.

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JavaScript Def Guide, 5th edition

David Flanagan's undowithoutable Def Guide is now available in the 5th edition. Months ago I did some light tech editing on a few chapters, but quite frankly I can't remember much of it. Another book got in the way.

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6 August 2006

Fifteen years of the web

Today 15 years ago the WWW was invented. This BBC timeline contains a few highlights.

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5 August 2006

Web Professionalism: Continuing the conversation

Something that's worth a formal QuirksBlog entry, but I still haven't found the time to write it.

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JSON is a subset of the Object Literal

On the difference between an object literal and a JSON string. I wonder if this difference really exists in practice.

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Can Your Programming Language Do This?

Joel Spolsky discovers JavaScript functions are really values. That opens a neat bag of tricks!

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Getting Mobile

Especially interesting for its discussion of US "carriers", who seem to have a fundamentally different approach to mobile networking than European "operators". I didn't know there was a difference, but I'm very glad I live in Europe.

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JSON has been officially RFC'd.

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Javascript speed tests

JavaScript benchmark tests. Result (Win only): Opera super-fast, IE OK, Firefox slightly less OK.

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