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29 June 2006

How to Make Your AJAX Applications Accessible - 40 Tutorials and Articles

As it says. I read only a few of them, and wrote one of them.

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26 June 2006

Blogosphere's skew leaves web-watchers Flickr-faced

The danger of the blogosphere revealed: we tend to forget there's an entire world out there, a world where Flickr is not the largest photo sharing site.

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Guerilla Book Marketing

Andy Budd's recommendation for drawing attention to books you like. Good idea; if you encounter my book somewhere, please turn it cover-out.

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To Microsoft

Stuart visited Microsoft and reports. Once again, it seems Microsoft is firmly committed to openness.

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Mobile Phone Tests

If you happen to own a mobile phone with browsing capabilities, do these tests. They might lead to a mobile phones compatibility table - and everbody knows we desperately need one.

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@media 2006

Rachel Andrew on @media.

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@Media 2006: Day 2

Isolani's notes on @media - continued.

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@Media 2006: Day 1

Isolani's notes on @media.

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Notes on JavaScript Libraries

Simon repeats the points he made during the @media panel.

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22 June 2006

The JavaScript Library World Cup

Dojo, Prototype, Mochikit or the Yahoo UI Library? Who's going to win the JavaScript library World Cup? Dan Webb ponders the question.

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Time breakdown of modern Web design

A pie chart of things we actually spend our time on.

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21 June 2006

Essence of tagging

Post by Russ Weakley about tagging. I seem to have inadvertently committed a grave social faux pas when I dissed the touristy photos tagged 'atmedia'. In any case I have some reading to do.

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Done @nd dusted

Andy Clarke's notes.

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Good Design vs Great Design

John Hicks on his panel.

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Web Access Centre Blog (beta): @media 2006

Presentation transcripts by the RNIB.

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@media 2006:after

Roger's wrap-up. He summed up the coffee problem better than I could.

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20 June 2006

Part Time Paid Intern Position Available

Molly is looking for an assistant. An excellent idea, since she's just too busy right now.

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window.onload (again)

Dean returns to the onload problem.

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Behavioral Separation

Jeremy explains the basics once more; this time on ALA.

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@media2006 is almost over…

Chris Heilmann's @media highlights.

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@media Impressions

Eric's take on @media.

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@Media 2006: Wednesday - the day before

Isolani on the @media preliminaries.

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@media 2006 Presentation

Andy Budd on his @media presentation.

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Back from @media

Jeremy's notes on his presentation and @media in general.

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Notes about our @media WCAG 2.0 Presentation

Ian Lloyd's notes on the WCAG panel.

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13 June 2006

Promoting the responsible use of JavaScript: writing, teaching and presenting

What the WaSP DOM Scripting Task Force has done this year.

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12 June 2006

Ajax Patterns

List of Ajax patterns; similar to what I myself am looking for in my QuirksBlog entries, but a bit more low-level.

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11 June 2006

JavaScript loop test

Which JavaScript loop is fastest?

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9 June 2006

An XMLHTTPRequest tip

A tip from the MSIE team: in IE 7, use the native XMLHttpRequest object, and not the ActiveX objects you need for IE 6 and lower.

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2 June 2006

In Praise of the Hyperlink

Jeremy's latest presentation.

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Levels of Accessibility Knowledge

...and Joe does the same for accessibility. 'Level 6: Has small but profitable Web shop. Coauthored Friends of Ed book; business partners have coauthored O’Reilly books and/or have colour deficiency. Writes front-page posts on Accessify Forum. Has cooed at Zeldman’s baby. Smokes.'

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Levels of JavaScript Knowledge

Dean takes a stab at categorizing JavaScript knowledge.

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