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30 November 2005

Quick Guide to Prototype

May be interesting after all, though I'll still have to study this library in detail.

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29 November 2005

insertAtCursor function

Always useful: a function that inserts text into a textarea at the current cursor position.

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28 November 2005


Contains a few browser bugs that don't seem to be covered anywhere else.

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27 November 2005

Pandora's Box (Model) of CSS Hacks And Other Good Intentions

Tantek on CSS hacks.
'It is actually a good thing that a hack be visually ugly from a coding aesthetic point of view in the hopes that the ugliness will be a reminder that the hack is a hack, and should incite a tendency for people to a) minimize its usage, and b) remove its usage over time.'

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26 November 2005


Garble all knowledge in true Web 2.0 fashion.

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Web 2.0 Bingo!

Modern variation on the good old Buzzword Bingo.

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Notes on public speaking

Because eventually I'm going to need it.

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We're professionals, but do we have a profession?

Cameron Adams points out we don't have have an official profession, but that this lack of formal rules, and the chance to write the formal rules for later generations, is one of the great challenges of working in the Web.

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24 November 2005

Web API Working Group Charter

Although W3C is the tiniest bit late in jumping on the web application bandwagon, it seems to be determined to catch up. The charter looks good: if features collaboration with WHAT-WG and specifications that will describe actual current browser implementations.

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Knowing Our Craft

Isolani adds a few interesting points to the New Professionalism discussion.

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Javascript libraries roundup

A list of JavaScript libraries. Does anyone else feel we've got too many libraries and not enough developers?

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22 November 2005

Web 2.0 Checklist

If you're creating a Web 2.0 site, be sure to go through this checklist.

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Web 2.0 Validator

Is your site really Web 2.0? Find out within seconds.

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20 November 2005

Price as Signal

Why the music industry and Apple have opposing interests in pricing music.

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18 November 2005

WebPatterns and WebSemantics

John Allsopp on patterns for XHTML/CSS development. Rather long, rather interesting, and I haven't yet read it in detail. It seems very useful and I'll return to this idea some day.

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17 November 2005

The dangers of frameworks

Jeremy explains the problems of using framework libraries. I fully agree.

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15 November 2005

Valid downlevel-revealed conditional comments

Inverse conditional comments explained; ie. conditional comments meant for browsers other than Explorer.

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14 November 2005

Interview with Andy Clarke (AKA Accessibility, the gloves come off)

Andy has an excellent approach to accessibility issues, and he shows it here.
'Those people still delivering nested table layout, spacer gifs or ignoring accessibility can no longer call themselves web professionals.'
Hear, hear!

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11 November 2005

JS2 Design Notes

Brendan Eich reveals a few more interesting design principles for JavaScript 2.0 . As long as it's backward compatible I don't mind, though I don't see an immediate practical value for everyday scripting, either.

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10 November 2005

Black star: Ghana, information technology and development in Africa

Long but very interesting essay about chances and problems in African software development.

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Opera Mini beta

Interesting idea: pre-process HTML pages on the server, then send them on to a mobile phone.
Only available in Scandinavia as yet.

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History's Worst Software Bugs

Always interesting.

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Improving Tabbed Browsing

Results of usability tests of tabbed browsing. Interesting. Again, the Back button is one of the most serious problems.

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9 November 2005

Turning on server-side includes on Mac OS X

Far more complicated than necessary, and I don't understand why they aren't enabled by default.
Anyway, if anyone needs it, here's what you need to know.

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5 November 2005

In search of the One True Layout

Interesting techniques for ordering columns, applying an equal height to columns, and creating vertical grids. This long article will no doubt come in usefully in a variety of situations.

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Semantics in the wild

John Allsopp presents his research of the use of class names and ids. He hoped for a kind of consensus on 'the best' values for these attributes, but didn't really find any.

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4 November 2005

IE7 Conditional Comments

Some more facts about IE7, conditional comments, and possibilities to install IE7 next to earlier versions.

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3 November 2005

Colour blindness on the Web

You should bear colour blindness in mind when designing a site, but it's no big deal. Says Richard Rutter, who's colour blind himself.

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WaSP Microsoft Task Force Update

What can we expect from Microsoft? A few more facts about IE 7 and other subjects.

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2 November 2005

WebKit Fixes in Safari 2.0.2 / Mac OS X 10.4.3

A list of fixes.
'Made sure that event.target is always an element, not a text node.'

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Questioning Web 2.0

Small but high-quality linkdump on the nonsense called Web 2.0

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