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16 May 2008

Google Doctype

Google unveils its new project: Google Doctype; a reference for web developers. They've decided on the wiki format, which means that anyone can add content. And that's good, obviously.

Speaking from long experience I know how hard it is to create proper documentation pages and test pages, so I wish Google the best of luck with this venture.

And who knows, later I might start adding stuff, too. (Many pages already refer to this site for more information).

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9 May 2008


Derek and me disagreeing.

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A list of known user agent strings and their meaning. Impressive!

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7 May 2008

Opera Dragonfly

... and Opera, too, unveils its own CSS/JavaScript debugger. Haven't studied it closely yet, but this is obviously a step in the right direction.

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line-height: abnormal

Exactly how does line-height: normal work? It's a confused mess. I'm SO glad we've got Eric Meyer to figure this out for us; I wouldn't want to do it.

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