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16 November 2006

CSS: Browser testing order

Andy Clarke reveals his CSS testing order. I don't entirely agree (I test everything I write in IE and Firefox simultaneously), but his approach interesting nonetheless—and it might turn out to be better than mine in the long run.

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8 November 2006

Have Your Say about the Future of HTML

Now that the HTML Working Group is being restructured, it's time to think about what we want from the new Group. Does HTML have to change? If so, how? Please leave your thoughts and comments here.

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Project Tamarin

Now this is pretty cool. Brendan Eich announces that Mozilla and Adobe are going to cooperate in the further development of JavaScript interpreters. This post gives a more high-level overview of what's going on.

What does this all mean? Let's start with users of Firefox and other applications based on Mozilla technology. They'll get future versions of Firefox and other Mozilla-based products that will run JavaScript-based applications significantly faster, [...]. (In its own testing Adobe has seen up to a ten times speedup of ActionScript applications due to the introduction of the AVM2 technology.) Since Firefox and Firefox extensions are partly written in JavaScript (as are other applications built on Mozilla's XUL technology), users will also likely see performance gains in some areas of Firefox itself.

Sounds great; bring it on.

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Again with the Browser support charts

John Allsopp has updated his CSS compatibility tables, which are probably the best on the 'Net.

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7 November 2006

Efficient JavaScript

Useful tips and tricks for performance gain.

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1 November 2006

Best practices for the Mobile Web

A few tips and tricks from Roger.

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The Virtual Life: IE At Arms Length

How to set up a really strict testing environment for the various IE versions.

Yes, there are things floating around that purport to let you run IE 5.5 alongside IE 6.0, etc. The fact of the matter is, though, that these aren’t what your users are running.

True, but for most simple websites running the various IEs next to each other is enough. It's only for complex Ajax-enhanced sites that a more formal testing environment is required.

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Tim Berners Lee and reinventing HTML

Despite the title the larger part of this article is about WHAT-WG and how it came to be. Furthermore Isofarro believes SVG is dead (agree) and XForms might profit from an increased interest in HTML that allows it to be backward compatible (agree).

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Optimizing Page Load Time

Several possibilities for speeding up the page loading.

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The <module> Tag

Douglas Crockford proposes a modification to JavaScript's Same Source Policy in order to make cross-domain data retrieval possible.

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