Small fry, 30 March

Some small fry from the past ten days that might be of interest to political observers:

<— Balkenende continues to go down | Polls, polls, polls — TNS-NIPO edition —>

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1 Posted by J Meijer on 30 March 2010 | Permalink

Thanks for this news section and for your posts in general. At the moment I live in Australia and do not follow the news from back home as closely as I feel I should. To get these nice concise summaries and analyses give me some basis for a proper vote come the elections.

And I am (re-)learning a lot from your articles on the development of the Dutch political system, always appreciated.

2 Posted by Frans on 30 March 2010 | Permalink

Pia Dijkstra huh? Haha, awesome.

3 Posted by Tatu Ahponen on 31 March 2010 | Permalink

My theory re: Erdogan's actions: Turkish economy has been growing rapidly and even the crisis has not affected it as badly as it has affected many other countries. Meanwhile, Turkish fertility rate has gone below replacement level, meaning that Turkey might soon need to recruit workers from outside Turkey. What better source for new workers than communities of Turks in Western European countries? Thus, it is in Turkey's interests to keep them non-integrated and separate from Western societies so they'll be more eager to "return" when needed.