Wilders won’t go to US

This is just in: Wilders will not be traveling to the US to attend the premiere of a film made about him, because the chairman of the funding foundation has made severe anti-gay remarks in the past.

In the US, the Christian Action Network (CAN) has been funding a film “Islam Rising: Geert Wilders’ Warning to the West,” which is apparently about Wilders, his ideas, and his recent history in Dutch politics. Wilders himself has already seen parts of it, and was happy.

However, recently it was said that, years ago, chairman Martin Mawyer of the CAN has stated that gayness is a disease. Although Mawyer denies this, Wilders has still decided not to travel to the US because he doesn’t want to appear to be connected to this sort of anti-gay ideas.

Wilders already knew the CAN is against gay marriage, something he himself supports. He stated that this is a political difference that doesn’t preclude them making a film about him. But virulent anti-gay rhetoric is one bridge too far, apparently.

Again we’re reminded of the fundamental difference between extreme-right in the US and here. Wilders does not oppose Islam from a christian standpoint, but from what we call a “conservative-liberal” approach, and on cultural issues the PVV clearly stands with the liberals from left to right.

Saint Pim Fortuyn himself was gay, and part of the reason he opposed Islam was its anti-gay standpoints. Wilders, as Fortuyn’s heir, cannot deny that heritage, and has now decided that he can’t accept (too much) support from the US extreme-right wing. Its conservative christianity just doesn’t fit Wilders’s profile at all.

All in all this is not terribly important. I doubt that the film will have any impact in the US, and now that Wilders isn’t coming it won’t have much of an impact in Holland, either.

(Source: Algemeen Dagblad)

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1 Posted by joost on 24 March 2010 | Permalink


By the way, are you sure you linked to the right article?

2 Posted by Jelle on 24 March 2010 | Permalink

I think Joost is right, this article is older than Wilders' announcement he does not agree with CAN. And it's about Hirsi Ali praising Wilders to Americans. And it's the Telegraaf. So that's three things wrong with it.

3 Posted by ppk on 24 March 2010 | Permalink

No need to shout.

I did link to the wrong Telegraaf article. Curiously, I can't find the right one any more, but fortunately the AD has pretty much the same article. So that's what I link to now.

4 Posted by joost on 24 March 2010 | Permalink

Thanks for correcting the link. And the interesting series of posts on Dutch politics. Much appreciated.