Small fry, 31 May

Some minor points:

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1 Posted by Raphael on 1 June 2010 | Permalink

Re: low voter turnout among immigrants- given how easy the Dutch system makes it for small parties to enter parliament, I'm kind of surprised that apparently there haven't been any particulary successfull attempts by immigrants to form their own parties. Any thoughts on that?

2 Posted by ppk on 1 June 2010 | Permalink

No intelligentsia. The average immigrant is badly educated and doesn't integrate too well in Dutch society. For an immigrant party to be successful it would need good leaders who are well versed in the Dutch political system, and can educate their masses in a theory of immigration or something.

Such leaders exist, but they mainly preach to (left-wing) native voters, and they have opted to subsume their political activity in one of the existing parties, notably the PvdA.

Besides, even back in the seventies the PvdA was already succesful in catching the immigrant vote and doing something for them in return, so there was never a political need for an immigrants' party.