Small fry, 10 June

Some minor points:

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1 Posted by CTerry on 11 June 2010 | Permalink

I know this is a rather odd question, but do you think there is a connection between Wilders doing well in the South and the fact that that is the Catholic heartland?

2 Posted by Jacob Christensen on 11 June 2010 | Permalink

Cool map. If - if! - I remember correctly, the south generally also had the largest share of "no"-votes in the EU referendum back in 2005.

3 Posted by Q. Pheevr on 11 June 2010 | Permalink

"24% of current [PVV] voters voted Balkenende in 2006!"

Does this affect the stability metric in your coalition tool? Specifically, should CDA and PVV be considered as competitors of each other? (This probably isn't of much practical importance, since any viable coalition containing CDA and PVV must also include VVD, which is a competitor for each of them.)

(Also on the subject of the coalition tool, I've noticed that in the current version, the third (TNS-NIPO) column in the chart covers up the check boxes in the browser I usually use (iCab 4.7.0 on Mac OS X 10.4.11), although it looks fine in Firefox. This could be iCab's fault, but since I know you're interested in this sort of thing, I thought I might as well mention it.)

4 Posted by Raphael on 12 June 2010 | Permalink

Did anything new happen? I notice that the PVV is one of the trending topics on Twitter right now, and they weren't for most of the time since the election.