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The new poll has landed, and I’ve added it to the polls page.

Here, too, there’s little change. PvdA wins two seats, one each from GL and D66, VVD also wins two seats, one each from CDA and PVV. Just like in Thursday’s Politieke Barometer the PVV starts to go down ever so slightly, the SP halts is downward trend, and the CDA vacillates but generally goes down. No change in left vs. right, but the broad centre (PvdA, D66, CDA, VVD) wins one seat from each of the flanks.

On my scoreboard the battle for second place after PvdA has started, and it’s exclusively between the three parties of the right. If the VVD captures two more seats from the CDA, it is the second-largest party of the country.

The Purple coalition rises some more (it contains both winners PvdA and VVD, after all), and is now at the same level as the coalition on the right.

An extra question was asked about the tax deductability of interest payments on mortgages.

Currently they are tax-deductable, but one common left-wing talking point is that there should be a maximum to this, or it should be abolished completely. Obviously the right defends complete deductability.

Should tax-deductability be changed or should it remain the same? (change/same)

  1. SP voters 93/5
  2. GL voters 90/9
  3. PvdA voters 87/9
  4. CU voters 75/12
  5. D66 voters 71/25
  6. CDA voters 49/40
  7. PVV voters 46/47
  8. VVD voters 40/56

Only VVD and (barely) PVV voters want everything to remain the same, majorities among the other voters favour change. Note that the CU stands squarely with the left on this issue. Also note the high percentages of “dont’t know” among CDA and CU voters. Finally, note that the PVV’s majority agains change is very, very slight.

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