Small fry; 28 February

Some small fry that might be of interest to political observers:

Finally, TNS NIPO has released a poll that asks the Dutch for their prime minister preferences. The question was whether people have confidence or no confidence in the mentioned candidates.

First, a note. Confidence in a certain party leader as prime minister is highly polarised. For instance, pretty much all right-wing voters will have no confidence in virtually every left-wing candidate, and vice versa. In addition every candidate will have detractors in his own block. That’s why the no-confidence scores are far higher than the confidence scores.

Still, there’s a clear trend. The first four positions are taken by left-wingers; we find the first right-winger only on place five.

  1. Pechtold (D66) 35/41
  2. Bos (PvdA) 34/40
  3. Cohen (PvdA) 32/49
  4. Halsema (GL) 29/52
  5. Opstelten (VVD) 28/47
    It’s totally unclear to me why former Rotterdam mayor and current VVD chairman Opstelten is mentioned in this poll. He has never figured as a prime minister candidate. Either the creators of the poll know a lot we don’t, or they’re just making up nice-sounding candidates as they go.
  6. Rutte (VVD) 25/53
  7. Balkenende (CDA) 25/58
  8. Eurlings (CDA) 24/54
  9. Rouvoet (CU) 21/61
  10. Verhagen (CDA) 20/60
  11. Wilders (PVV) 18/71
  12. Kant (SP) 16/64
  13. Verdonk (ToN) 10/78

D66 party leader Pechtold will be glad. He is the most centrist candidate right now, with the CDA thrown into confusion, and it might even be that he appeals to a few right-wing voters.

At least Balkenende finishes before his internal competitor Eurlings. That’s something. The rest of the poll is very bleak, with Bos clearly being far more popular.

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1 Posted by Ron Derksen on 1 March 2010 | Permalink

First off, thanks for writing these posts. Even as a Dutchman, I get a lot out of them with regards to Dutch politics.

Secondly, I hope you're right about the PVV and I definitely agree that switching the debate to economics will destroy Wilders' chances in the election, as people start to see that he doesn't really have a clue about running this country.

But I have never been more interested in politics as I am right now. It's gonna be a very interesting year. Let's hope we come out of it with a positive vibe.