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Opera switching to WebKit: thoughts and guesses

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OK, so Opera is going to move to WebKit. I didn’t see that coming, despite the recent news about a WebKit-based browser on iOS (can’t port Presto there, so of course it’s WebKit).

What does all this mean? Hard to tell. Here are a few thoughts and guesses.

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Face opera

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OK, so now we have the rumour that Facebook is going to buy Opera. That would be unexpected. And interesting.

In this entry I’m going to pretend the news is true, even though that’s not certain yet, because it is a good starting point for some serious strategic thinking.

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Disabling iframes doesn’t disable iframes? (IE and Opera)

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OK, I’m totally stumped. On my computer (Win7), disabling iframes in IE9 or Opera 10.53 doesn’t actually disable iframes. (I do not know how to disable iframes in Chrome or Safari.)

Firefox does honour the request, but only if I open a new window. (Wish they’d say so somewhere.) Restarting IE or Opera does not make any difference.

See this page that contains the test and explains what I’m trying to do.

Could you please disable iframes in your IE or Opera (instructions on the test page) and do the test? In theory the input field should read No because ... well ... your browser doesn’t support iframes. In practice it reads Yes because even with iframes disabled the browser executes the script in the iframe.

Does anyone know what’s going on? Is this a serious security bug in two browsers or am I overlooking something? (Currently I’m guessing the latter.)


Four browser notes

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In case you’re wondering why this blog is updated so rarely; I’m taking a slight break from web development, and I’m working on a major upgrade of my Dutch politics section. It’s not ready yet; I’ll let you know when it is.

However, while working on it I found a few browser peculiarities, and I thought I'd let you know. There’s one IE bug; one case in which IE does the right thing and the other browsers don’t; the third is a Chrome peculiarity (not a bug); the fourth is an undocumented property in Opera.

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Something odd happened on the way to mousemove

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Currently I'm working on a big revision of the Events Compatibility Tables. And no the new table is not yet online because I'm not ready yet.

Testing event support is really awesomely complicated. I've been working steadily for two weeks now, and I still find new bugs and oddities daily, and twice on Sundays.

In any case, I discovered something remarkable when I studied the mousemove event. It sheds light on the way browser vendors keep track of each other's implementations nowadays, and on things that can go wrong.

Update: The bug described in this entry is an OS problem, and not a browser bug.

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Opera 8

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Opera 8 has been released. I tested it and found no differences with the beta I studied earlier.

Opera 8b; compatibility tables updated

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I just downloaded Opera 8b (from this location), and since I now have two new browsers I updated a few compatibility tables.

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