Iframe test

This page contains an iframe and a form field that’s set to “No.” If the page in the iframe loads it starts up a script that sets the field value to “Yes.” Purpose of the test is to find out whether a browser (currently) supports iframes.

Firefox honours my request once I start up a new window. I do not know how to disable iframes in Chrome or Safari. Instructions for the other browsers are below.

The problem is that if I disable iframes in IE9 or Opera, it still loads the iframe and executes the script. And yes, I tried restarting them: no luck.

What? The? F?

I assume I don’t understand something, but ... well ... I don’t understand what I don’t understand.


Disabling iframes

Internet Options -> Security -> Custom level (for Internet zone) -> (scroll down) -> Launching programs and files in an IFRAME -> set to Disable.
Go to about:config -> search for “frames” -> click on browser.frames.enabled
Ctrl+F12 -> Advanced -> Content -> Style Options -> uncheck Enable inline frames