Opera 8b; compatibility tables updated

I just downloaded Opera 8b (from this location), and since I now have two new browsers I updated a few compatibility tables.

First an Opera 8b note: it crashed on my homepage (see also this bug report). The culprit turned out to be a nesting error; I'd inadvertently used a <h4>Older entries</h3> construct, which is obviously incorrect. Error removed, no more crashes.

Updated compatibility tables

I updated the following compatibility tables:

  1. Event compatibility tables; no changes
  2. CSS contents table; changes include:
    1. Mozilla now supports opacity without the -moz prefix
    2. Mozilla has solved the minor cursor bug
  3. Quirks mode and strict mode table; Opera 8b doesn't follow Explorer any more in dealing with widths of inline elements
  4. Background-position table; Mozilla and Opera now partially support the combination of keywords and pixels/percentages

The W3C DOM compatibility tables will be updated later; and frankly I don't think I'm going to update the Viewport compatibility table. It's an extreme lot of work, especially since I have to consider every single 1px difference to see if it contains useful fundamental information. Usually I get cross-eyed and head-ached after a few such tests, so I'm going to protect myself and ignore this table for the time being.

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1 Posted by Rijk on 12 January 2005 | Permalink

If you could keep an Opera-crashing testpage online, we could test the fix our developers just made...

2 Posted by ppk on 12 January 2005 | Permalink