Polls, polls, polls — coalition edition

I just discovered that Peil.nl released another poll yesterday, about government formation.

  1. Would you want PvdA and CDA to both participate in a coalition again? No 69%, Yes 14%.
  2. Do you think the PvdA should state before the elections it prefers a coalition without the CDA? No 59%, Yes 32%. PvdA voters even say No 75% of the time, while only SP and PVV voters support a CDA exclusion in majority (51% and 53%).
  3. A badly-worded question about many-party coalitions. The point is: would you prefer a PvdA+CDA coalition or a PvdA+VVD coalition, reinforced by left-wing parties? 48% of voters say they’d like to see a PvdA+VVD one against only 27% PvdA+CDA.

Hard to interpret. The voters do not want another PvdA+CDA coalition, that much is certain. Still when the question comes to PvdA+CDA+left the 14% go up to 27%. PvdA+VVD is much more popular, that’s for sure.

Still, the overwhelming majority feels the PvdA should not exclude the CDA before the elections. One never knows how the elections will end, after all, and broad centre parties excluding each other is Not Done in the extreme. Even PvdA voters think so, although 59% of them does not want a PvdA+CDA coalition.

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