New poll has released a new poll. Very boring; only two seats change hands. And continues to give the left far too many seats.

Still, take a look at the polls page. It has changed considerably, especially the coalition table. I now generate coalitions automatically since the curated list of the previous version got too big and unwieldy. I hope I found the right rules to keep the number of coalitions in check, and I’ll probably tweak them a little in future weeks.

Rumours of the Rutte government’s impending fall are on the rise again: in two newspapers the leading political analyst explained why government would not survive another year.

The basic message is that Wilders is too annoying with his solo-actions, while CDA is still in disarray, and for the first time problems reach Rutte’s own VVD instead of being basically a PVV vs. CDA fight. Add to that the mounting international tension over the euro, and changes of government here and there (now even Belgium is forced to create a government!), and we get a confusing situation in which anything is possible, including the fall of government.

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