Pechtold names preference: purple-green

In an interview D66 leader Pechtold names the first concrete coalition preference: PvdA+VVD+D66+GL. The preference itself is old news, but the fact that he openly calls for this coalition is new.

Pechtold especially calls on Cohen to let the PvdA opt for “the new Purple.” It’s unlikely that Cohen will do anything of the sort. He’ll concentrate on smiling fatherly and sucking the other left-wing parties dry thanks to his rivalry with the VVD’s Rutte.

Pechtold also explains that in this new constellation a vote for D66 will keep Rutte from Wilders and Cohen from Roemer, whose SP he calls a “conservative party,” which is probably true if it’s about traditional socialist employment policy.

Thus Pechtold again positions D66 as the party in the “healthy centre” of Dutch politics, and Purple is a logical extension of that role. D66 will enter government, so your vote will not be wasted.

Still, Cohen once said he wants a coalition that’s “as progressive as possible,” without mentioning exactly which parties he has in mind. That’s why Roemer (SP) and Halsema (GL) keep badgering him to be more specific. A PvdA+GL+SP coalition would count as progressive, but would be woefully low on seats. Adding D66 to the mix doesn’t help enough. So Cohen is wise to let this pass and wait for a clearer situation.

Besides, how the VVD feels about Purple is still a mystery. Rutte keeps the CDA at a distance, but hasn’t noticeably warmed to the Purple concept, either. He holds the keys to government formation, and possibly also the prime-ministership, and he knows it.

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