Last call: JavaScript library poll

Two weeks ago I published a poll about the use of JavaScript libraries. So far it had 97,500 responses, but I’d like to make that 100,000 or more. So here’s the poll again, and I request you to answer as many questions as you can stand.

If you’ve done the poll before, please take another look: it may be that more questions were added afterwards, and in that case you’ll see the new questions automatically. Also, Urtak solved the 409 error that we had two weeks ago, so including the poll now also works in WebKit-based browsers. Kudos for that.

JavaScript library poll

I want to close the poll later this week, after it’s hit the 100,000 replies, and publish the results. New questions would have too few answers to be statistically meaningful relative to the other questions, so I won’t accept them any more.

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