Webplatform.org and my compatibility tables

Yesterday W3C announced the new webplatform.org initiative of W3C and several browser vendors. I’d like to add something: I’m going to be involved.

The idea behind webplatform.org is to create one resource with all the browser and standard compatibility information you need. Microsoft is going to contribute the IE parts of MSDN, Mozilla MDN, Opera WSC, Google HTML5Rocks, and Facebook, Adobe, and Nokia their developer documentation.

Apart from all this goodness webplatform.org needs one more thing: my tables. And that’s exactly what I’m going to work on for the next few months.

As I said before QuirksMode.org is now sponsored by Google, Microsoft, and BlackBerry. During the negotiations my sponsors had only one real demand, and that was contributing all my test data to webplatform.org. Of course I was more than happy to oblige.

In other words, I’m going to be paid for doing what I do best and my data will be spread via a global system that somebody else is maintaining. I couldn’t be more happy!

But wait, it gets better. I have lots of time for the next few months since I’m off the conference track and do not need to take on new consultancy jobs. Basically, I can spend my time, except the bits I need for preparing Mobilism 2013 and for one remaining consultancy client, on research and awesomifying webplatform.org.

I’ll continue to do research as usual and post it here. Simultaneously I’m going to work on porting my information to webplatform.org. And note that it will be a copy, and not a move. My tables will also remain here on my site.

It will take a while before my tables are copied. We first have to discuss the gory details, such as my compatibility categories, my test pages, how to display my tables, how to edit them, who can edit them, and a lot more besides. All that is going to take some time. Don’t ask for details; I don’t have any to give right now because we just don’t know yet.

Autumn and Winter are going to be a busy time for me, and I hope to have something webplatformy I can show off to the lot of you in early Spring or so.

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