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When I spoke at From the Front I was asked what I thought was the worst case of thoughtless copy/pasting I saw going on around the web. My answer: jQuery.

I feel that jQuery, even the mobile version, and in fact all current JavaScript libraries, are too heavy for mobile. I think it’s time for a re-evaluation of the libraries’ good and bad parts. I followed up in this tweet, which caused quite a few reactions.

Before continuing this line of thought I need to know more about the current state of JavaScript libraries. So I created an Urtak, which I’d like to ask you to fill in. (Unfortunately their embed script gives a 409 Conflict response in Chrome Mac, so it doesn’t work there — and I didn’t even know that status code existed.)

And yes, the poll is rather long and repetitive, but we have to treat an immense amount of JavaScript libraries. I'd like to ask you to fill in as many questions as you can stand. If you wish you can return later to finish the poll.

JavaScript library poll

The current state of the poll can be viewed here.

Feel free to add other JavaScript libraries — in fact, creating a list of relevant libraries is one of the points of this poll. If you’re missing a library, please include the following questions:

  1. Have you used [library name] at all in the last year?
  2. Do you use [library name] in more than 50% of your projects?
  3. Have you successfully used [library name] in a mobile project targeting at least two platforms? Removed this question; the poll became too unwieldy.

Unfortunately Urtak now requires you to sign up before adding questions. If you don’t want to do that, leave a comment with the library name and I’ll add the questions for you.

Libraries treated so far:

If you have any other good questions, add them to Urtak or in a comment. Note that I have to approve all user-added questions in any case.

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1 Posted by Markus on 24 September 2012 | Permalink

Can you add EnyoJS? Thanks :)

2 Posted by Daniel on 24 September 2012 | Permalink

Could you please add qooxdoo?

3 Posted by Holger on 24 September 2012 | Permalink

I really like

4 Posted by Andrew on 24 September 2012 | Permalink

Google Closure

5 Posted by Joe on 25 September 2012 | Permalink

can you add underscore