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Mobilism early bird ending

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If you want to come to Mobilism 2012, 10th and 11th of May in Amsterdam, it’s best to buy your ticket before Saturday. Early bird prices, which knock off €100 of the ticket price, ends with the outgoing year, and why should you pay more than necessary?

Mobilism 2011 was a blast; see also the videos. We’re set to repeat and extend this success in May. with seven world-class speakers, including Ethan Marcotte, Jeremy Keith, Horace Dediu, and Jason Grigsby, who’ll show you how the mobile web works and how you should adapt to it as a web designer or developer. What’s not to like? And even more speakers will be announced later.

See you at Mobilism.

Reader poll continues

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If you’re bored during the holidays I encourage you to take my poll; it’ll help me understand who my audience is. Please answer as many or few questions as you like; although I’d like to ask you to answer at least 15 to 20 or so.

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QuirksMode reader poll

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OK, it’s time for an experiment. I created a reader poll about QuirksMode, your testing habits as a web developer, and your devices.

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Position: fixed revisited

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Now that iOS, Android, and BlackBerry all have a new implementation of position: fixed let’s see what changed since the last time we looked.

Because it’s fairly hard to describe what mobile and tablet browsers do to position: fixed I decided to make four short videos, both to help you understand the issues better, and to practice a bit with shooting videos of mobile browsers.

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IE market share

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Microsoft announced it is going to automatically upgrade IE starting in January. In order to track their progress (or lack of it) we have to establish a baseline.

So here are the market shares of the various IE versions according to StatCounter in nine countries, as well as the global score. These numbers are from November, so well before the automatic upgrade.

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Mobilism early bird and call for papers ending

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Heads up: the Mobilism 2012 early bird discount and call for papers are ending.

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The resize event on mobile

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Last week I did some research on the resize event on mobile and tablet browsers. Executive summary: it’s a mess. And the best browser, surprisingly, is Samsung’s Dolfin.

My conclusions are, summarised:

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webOS open-sourced to death

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So HP open-sources webOS. That may sound like good news, but I doubt it.

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Browser stats for November

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It’s time for the browser stats for November; as always according to StatCounter. They’re not very exciting this month, although several long-term trends are confirmed.

Your donation for keeping this series up and running would be much appreciated.

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outerWidth and finding iOS’s orientation

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Yesterday James Pearce published important research into the nature and measuring of the mobile browser viewports. One finding is so important that I write this quick entry even though I haven’t yet fully researched it.

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