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If you’re bored during the holidays I encourage you to take my poll; it’ll help me understand who my audience is. Please answer as many or few questions as you like; although I’d like to ask you to answer at least 15 to 20 or so.

QuirksMode reader poll

On Wednesday I discovered the Urtak service that allows you to run simple Yes/No polls, and I immediately created one for my readers. About 30,000 responses were added at the time of writing.

Urtak’s fun consists of three parts:

  1. All questions are simple Yes/No.
  2. You can stop taking the poll at any time, and continue later.
  3. You can add questions yourself.

The questions are asked in random order, and if you’ve already taken the poll (and revisit it in the same browser) you’ll only see the new questions.

Readers have already submitted quite a few good questions. So if you have one, please add it. Just make sure that you ask only one question, and that it's unambiguously phrased. I have to approve all new questions, but I’ll do so as soon as possible.

Thanks for your cooperation. In January I’ll write a post with the highlights of the poll.

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