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Awesome conference was awesome

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Incredible! Mobilism 2011 was more than two weeks ago, but it still feels like yesterday. It took me this long to recuperate to the point where I can blog about it. So let’s blog! And let’s watch Stephen Hay’s session while we’re doing it.

Mobilism was a blast; just ask the speakers and the attendees. The worst thing that happened is that the wifi didn’t work for the first hour; it worked fine for the remainder of the conference. If you want specific details on the type, size, and texture of the Mobilism blast, see our coverage page.

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Linkbait 16

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These few weeks’. I’ve been very busy first, very lazy afterwards, so I have something of a backlog. But here we go again.

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The future of the mobile web

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In the past three months I’ve given my new presentation The future of the mobile web no less than seven times. I held up releasing the slides until now because I knew I was going to give it again at Mobilism. Now that that last session is done and dusted there’s no reason to hide the slides any longer.

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Live-stream mobile browser panel

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Today at 16:00 CET (3:00pm UK; 10:00am Eastern; 07:00am Pacific) the world’s first mobile browser panel will be streamed live from the Mobilism conference in Amsterdam.

Join us LIVE when Andrea Trasatti (Nokia), Andreas Bovens (Opera), Eli Fidler (RIM), and moderator Jeremy Keith discuss the current state of the mobile browsers, technical challenges, and the future of the mobile web.

Update: The video is now online.

Linkbait 15

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This week’s. Or rather, this month’s. I was too busy to blog for a while, but at least I’m home now, and I can continue this series. And I did keep notes.

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Last tickets for Mobilism

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In eight days Mobilism, the conference for mobile web development, will take place in Amsterdam. Surprisingly, we still have a few tickets left at this late stage.

In two days we’ll bring thirteen sessions about the mobile web, with speakers ranging from Luke Wroblewski on Mobile First, Steve Souders on mobile performance, Jared Spool on UX, and Brian Leroux on device APIs and creative cursing, to Bryan and Stephanie Rieger on the evolving mobile market and the world’s first mobile browser panel, where representatives of Nokia, RIM, and Opera will discuss their implementations and the problems they encountered.

If you plan on switching to mobile in the next year (and every web developer should at least consider this option seriously), you can’t afford to miss this conference. So what are you waiting for? Order your ticket now!

April and Q1 mobile browser stats

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Here are the mobile browser statistics according to StatCounter for April 2011 as well as Q1 2011. Little change; boring entry.

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