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Front-end day slides

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Just now I uploaded my Front-end Day workshop slides. PDF; 750K. People who follow my slides religiously will notice that it bears a suspicious resemblance to the Albany talk I gave earlier this month; I just swapped in Bulgarian stats for the US ones and added three slides or so.

During the main conference I held two presentations: Future of the Mobile Web and The Touch Events. I will publish the Future slides only after Mobilism (12/13 May) because I’m going to repeat it there.

As to The Touch Events; it’s exactly the same as my Huge presentation I held in New York (PDF; 800K). I didn’t expect to have to repeat it, so I didn’t have time for any changes (even though I don’t like the flow of the presentation; a future version will differ significantly from this one).

Mobile browser panel at Mobilism

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We are proud to announce that the Mobilism conference, which will take place on 12th and 13th of May in Amsterdam, will feature the world’s first mobile browser panel, in which representatives of several mobile browser vendors discuss their implementations with the audience and each other.

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US tour slides

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During my US tour I gave five presentations. Here are the slides of the last three, given in New York and Albany.

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Mobile browser stats for March

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Below you find the mobile browser stats for March 2011. The market is still quiescent; very little change from February. Safari lost two points; the Other category gained two.

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Linkbait 14

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This week’s. Written partly in Munich, partly in San Francisco. Conference season’s here, honey!

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My US tour

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On Monday I’ll fly out for a two-week US tour that will bring me to San Francisco, San Jose, Austin, Dallas, New York, and Albany. On the way I’ll hold four public sessions, and I expect to see a lot of people and drink a lot of beer.

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